Search Engine Analysis: Who Produces the BEST Sports Betting, Odds, Picks & Predictions Results?

This article is in the college basketball section of because we are going to analyze the results of both Google and Bing to see which search engine truly provides the best results for anyone searching for sports news information. The search term used to generate the results for the graphic below was "NCAA Odds".

First, I would like to say that as a sports writer I have been writing sports related content for 7+ years and also have many years of experience in developing and marketing websites. I have chosen to write this article just to show the REAL RESULTS of each respective search engine, I have turned off search history on both Google and Bing and have deleted all cookies and related files.

Now a little history on state of the current results Google provides. In short, previous to 2001 was a Google News publisher along with several other industry associates, many of which were our competition and we were all labeled as small niche publishers. We all produced articles which discussed current events related to sports, adhered to several guidelines set by each respective search engine and built our businesses around producing content that our readers enjoyed. We even set some standards that current sports news publishers use today, which are very evident in the titles of articles from sites like, and .

The main point here is that BING does provide better results when searching for sports news.

Google News vs Bing News

Let's analyze the graphic above by pointing out a few of the very obvious differences.

  1. By looking at column "B" you would think that is just about the only website publishing sports news
  2. Column "A" appears to provide a more deversified result, not catering to any specific site.
  3. Column "A" also provides an deeper link option for content that may be similar to the main titled listing.
  4. Column "B" shows six of the seven results from the same source.

Can you tell which column is Google News and Bing News?

Which column do you think provides better search results?


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