Vegas strip no longer Idols paradise. American Idol will be coming to an end according to Vegas predictions and odds.

american-idolVegas strip no longer  Idols paradise. American Idol will be coming to an end according to Vegas predictions and odds.   Idol and Simon Cowell were somewhat of a one man team and without him the ratings are sure to crash.    Although everybody played their part it appears that Simon was the ratings keeper and he’s moving on to another show with similar attributes. 

So which one would you watch?  My obvious choice is Simon, Simon and more Simon. Check out the odds on  He has experience and “know how” along with the attitude and audience appeal.  His opinion is a considered  valuable unlike any other.    Its obivious that Ellen Degeneres was there in hopes of a ratings boost and to keep Cowell from leaving the star studded show.  Now that Cowell is on the move, Ellen’s know fool and is bailing herself before the show sinks ship and takes her name with it.

Steven Tyler has already signed on and may keep Idol afloat, depending on the other seat choice.   Vegas odds and predictions show who’s in the running for the other position.  Maybe Ryan Seacrest will be another judge, odds are 15/1.  There is no plans in Seacrest leaving the show, but as far as judging?  I don’t believe we’ll see him in one of the chairs.  Top of the selection is Shania Twain as a favorite with odds at 3/1 Idols producers hold the fate of the reality show in their hands.  Will they choose the right judges?  From what I can see Vegas odds and predictions show American Idol will come to an end.  The question is when?

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