2010 Vegas Predictions show the Best Reality show is Dancing with the Stars:

dancingwiththestars2010 Vegas Predictions show the Best Reality show is Dancing with the Stars:  DWTS comes in the lead with 9 nominations,  while amazing race still has plenty of leg to stand on coming in with 7.  American Idol, Top Chef and Project Runway are the others in contention.

DWTS had so much drama this season between, Jakes drama and Kate Gosslins whining and family headliners, I felt like I was watching three reality shows for the price of one.  Dancing with the Stars got more traffic than most reality shows and could reap the benefits in the 2010 Emmy Awards picks.

The Amazing Race was last year’s front runner and still shows potential for this year’s award possibilities.  To keep this show exciting and fresh the producers have thrown in new variations from yields to U-turns and now blind U-turns in season 14.

Reality TV has been taken to new heights and I believe Simon Cowell knows this.  His plans for his new show X-factor has everybody ready to bail on American Idol and move on with the opinionated Brit.  American Idol may see some action this year with all the publicity of Simon Cowell leaving.

Project Runway has paved the roads of fashion, style and good hair.  This season has been more vocal between contestants, making it a bit more interesting.  They are sure to see some awards in the Fashion Field, but I don’t believe they will see the Emmy for Best Reality TV.

Top Chef, plain and simple: everybody loves food and not everyone can cook.  When the Chefs are berated for their inabilities, and you know these are Chefs with egos, you don’t feel so bad about your cooking anymore.  They’re riding in on the “Yippee it’s not Me” nomination,  where people like to see the arrogant go down and the meek to toughing up and come out the winners.

I leave you with this.  2010 was a midioka year. The shows  had some good and bad points and some plain old boring points.  Reality tv is ready for a boost.  Maybe X-Factor will pave the way next year.  For now this year’s nominee’s are a red-black bet.  With 2010 Emmy Vegas odds and predictions  to guide the way, you be the judge.

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