Vegas Odds has a “Full House” with this years Big Brother

big-brother-logoVegas odds has a “Full House” with this years Big Brother: Enzo’s Have-Not penguin episode has people fuming in the house: Vegas odds and Big Brother predictions show Enzo as a flop. Does he have to worry after this week’s turn of events? With Britney at the helm as HOH and her obvious choice of friends, Lane, Ragan and Hayden, August 25th Big Brother odds of a double eviction are strong 4/1.

Brendon seems completely out of the mix too and not one that anybody really likes. The Neanderthal’s constant whining about Rachael and how he misses her is getting the crowd a bit bored. If everything goes as planned and we see Matt and Enzo go home and Ragan as HOH, turmoil could ensue. The Vegas odds of Brendon staying may be stronger after this week’s talk between Ragan and Matt. Get your Vegas Big Brother Predictions here to find out.

Now, as far as the Sabateur, this blows my mind. I thought Ragan to be a nothing, a flamboyant wimp, however, with his systematic conniving, he could prove to be the next Big Brother star, and Lane the Oil Rigger? Is he hooked on Britney or what? He’s so hooked I don’t even think he can see two feet in front of her. Did anyone see the jealousy he had when they walked into her HOH room and the picture of her and her boyfriend was there. Lane was pissed to be compared to this guy. Anyone else, he would have gone up to them and said “you gotta be kidding me” but in this case, that boy is smitten and would never knock her tastes. Will Lane and Britney go further than buds or have they already?  Maybe the next Big Brother episode will show deeper into their future. Vegas Odds and Predictions prove this show to be a “Full House” Drama from every corner.

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