Lottery Results – Powerball, Mega-Millions and Hot Lotto

Today’s Lottery Results – Powerball, Mega-Millions and Hot Lotto: Are you a Mega-Millions, Powerball, or Hot Lotto lover, here are todays Lottery results, Wednesday’s Powerball results 10,35,39,51,57 and Powerball number 20 power play is x5, Thursday’s Mega-Millions results 8,18,22,24,38 Mega ball 23 multi plier is x4, Hot Lotto results 17,25,27,31,37 Hot Ball 7

Powerball has swept the nation with its enormous payout for a dollar ticket lottery. Powerball starts with Lottery results payout at 20 million dollars and rolls over from there, leading into hundreds of millions of dollars. Current Powerball Jackpot is an estimated $ 79,000,000. Don’t forget the Powerball power play which can take your winnings up to 5x higher for just for a dollar more. This game is played very similar to Casino games with bonuses, and payout possibilities. Powerball ‘s down side, standing in long lines, not very interactive, and played only twice a week with drawings on Wednesday and Saturday, while you could play Casino games for free all day, every day on Other Lottery games and results can be found at

Mega-Millions and Powerball were unleashed together in January of 2010 to coincide in the same states and has been another Vegas predictions powerhouse. It has the highest ever paid lottery results at $390,000,000 dollars to two people who took the money up front.   Mega-Millions has a similar payout to Powerball.

Ladies and Gentleman I have come to a conclusion: I like to be entertained and although, I do play Powerball from time to time, I just can’t wrap my hands around the money. Why do I even waste the dollar? Casino odds and winnings are better off when found in the palm of your hands. What would you do with that dollar other than stand in a line for Powerball’s 1 in 195,249,054.00 chance to hit the jackpot? Your Vegas odds of catching a fly in between chopsticks are better than that. I’ll tell you where you can make that dollar have better results.

Online Casinos are sweeping the nation. Entertaining, easy, fast,fun and even more exciting, seeing the best bang for your buck happen in the comforts of your home. These Vegas predictions and odds are much more attainable then Powerball, Mega-Millions or Lotto could ever be. Today’s lottery results are - They’ll pay more often and are packed with far more excitement any day, every day. For better odds and more enjoyment come join the winners and play for free

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