Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was humbled on 2010 Vegas Predictions Dancing with the Stars:

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was humbled on 2010 Vegas Predictions Dancing with the Stars: Sorrentino’s Vegas Predictions dance was stiff and filled with too much “yo yo” attitude. His excuse for not having rhythm was that he had only trained for one week . We’ll give that to you Mike Sorrentino, but you better “bring it” come next week. And in the meantime your lucky you made it through with a score of 15.  Your comment to Len didn’t gain you any points either with your snide attitude.

While Brandy Norwood and Maksim Chmerkovskiy took Vegas Predictions Season 11 Dancing with the Stars to new heights. Carrie Ann loved her lines and with a little bit of criticism still thought her overall performance was excellent. Carrie Ann lead out the votes with a 7. Len loved it and thought she was great and scored her a smooth 8. Bruno thought she had all the elements and had that “Come and Get Me” spark that was needed for the Viennese Waltz. Bruno scored her a solid 8. We should see more of Brandy in the future.

Henderson’s popularity among the viewers will save her from this weeks vote and her personality will always be a welcome when it comes to the audience. Jennifer Gray and Kyle Massey both had spectacular performances and are also safe during tonight’s judging.

Margaret Cho’s attributes were that of a flopping fish at the end of her Vegas Odds 2010 DWTS performance. She completed her dance by falling to the floor and scrambling to get back up. Throughout the dance she kept wrapping the winged fabric around her own head making her appear like a bumbling fool and although a comedian this was not the performance the public wanted to see.

 Sorrentino survives one more day, while Hasselhoff's performance rendered Carrie Ann speechless in the end. Last night’s Vegas odds performance with David Hasselhoff was a “ not so cool” flop. Hasselhoff thought he was 28 again and running down the beach. He looked like he was catching flies with his mouth agape. Carrie Ann commented that it was awful but that she knew the reason Hasselhoff was doing it was because “it makes you feel good”. She ended her conversation with “I’m gonna stop there, but”. And that’s all she could say. The performance was terrible and he gained a whopping 15 points. A short stint for Hasselhoff as his 2010 Vegas Predictions season with DWTS has come to an end.

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