Baby had the time of her life in 2010 Vegas Predictions Dancing with the Stars:

Baby had the time of her life in 2010 Vegas Predictions Dancing with the Stars: Jennifer Gray wowed the audience with her familiar performance that brought people back to the love scenes of Dirty Dancing. With Patrick Swayze gone she tugged on peoples heart strings and gave justice to the beautiful memories of Swayze. “Baby still has it” and her performance was outstanding with a score of 24. Many of Vegas odds goers would like to see her win this season’s competition.

On the flip side of the coin, Margaret Cho looked like a flopping fish at the end of her Vegas Odds 2010 DWTS performance. She completed her dance by falling to the floor and scrambling to get back up. Throughout the dance she kept wrapping the winged fabric around her own head making her appear like a bumbling fool and although a comedian this was not the performance the public wanted to see. And although a not so popular performance she is safe from this week’s Vegas Odds DWTS vote off.

Kurt Warner and Rick Fox did well last night and although Warner was not Lens favorite he still held his own with the crowd and will remain safe tonight. Rick Fox was impressive and was liked by all the judges. His performance left Carrie Ann wanting more and from the looks of tonight’s votes, she will get her wish.

Bolton had trouble keeping up with his vivacious trainer Chelsie Hightower and was appearing to be flung around the dance floor like a rag doll instead of leading his partner in 2010 Vegas Predictions Dancing with the Stars. All three judges gave their advice and left Bolton with a score of 16.

Baby shines through while Hasselhoffs performance rendered Carrie Ann speechless in the end. Last night’s Vegas odds performance with David Hasselhoff was a “ not so cool” flop. Hasselhoff thought he was 28 again and running down the beach. He looked like he was catching flies with his mouth agape. Carrie Ann commented that it was awful but that she knew the reason Hasselhoff was doing it was because “it makes you feel good”. She ended her conversation with “I’m gonna stop there, but”. And that’s all she could say. The performance was terrible and he gained a whopping 15 points. A short stint for Hasselhoff as his 2010 Vegas Predictions season with DWTS has come to an end.

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