Dancing With the Stars' Season 11 Results - Week 3 'Story Night

Dancing With the Stars' Season 11 Results - Week 3 'Story Night: Adriana Partridge told a story on Week 3 DWTS Results that would touch us all.   A touching story of a beautiful woman at home missing her soldier and reliving the memories of him through a picture. Her performance was dreamy and brought all emotions of the judges to the surface. An exquisite performance Carrie Ann scored her an 8 Len 9 and Bruno 9. Highest score this season.

We have a tie between the Situation and Florence Henderson. His performance was odd in a time travel Fox trot. Carrie Ann remained polite by saying there were tiny steps of improvement, while Len out and out told Sorentino, “if he were dancing in his back yard he would close the curtains”, Bruno told the Situation that he was oddly entertaining. Judges scored their performance a 20.

Corky’s simple choreography left Florence’s dance routine classified by all three as simple. She was called “simplistic” by Carrie Ann. Len claimed her to be “poignant and emotionally sweet” . Bruno would like to see more foot work as he feels she is weak in that area. Florence also scored a 20.

Sad to say Jennifer Greys performance was weaker then her week 2 dance on Dancing With the Stars'  but, she was still able to maintain her high score of 24. All judges agreed that the performance was a bit off tonight, but Jennifer is still in the running.

Brandy’s Performance was solid but all three judges questioned Max’s training methods. Max was a bit aggressive in practice. In three different scenarios he was slapping her ass and telling her lets go. Carrie Ann tried to call him over to her so that she could repeat his action. Max was not happy with the judges comments and defended his action by saying “it got the job done”.  The story was unclear as Len stated because he didn’t see the body guard, protector in this dance. Carrie Ann did say that Brandy’s performance was much better this week “on fire” and Bruno called her the true “Diva”.

Cho’s Rainbow performance saddled her with the lowest score of the night at 18 points while Kyle Masse came out kicking with a beautiful young crush story line, scoring 23.

Kirt Warner joined Masse with a score of 23 in his performance. Bruno claimed he had “frying pan hands” but that his foot work was good. Len said his musicality was lacking. Carrie Ann just likes the chemistry and finds Warner charming.

Week 3 DWTS was filled with story lines but only a few were able to tell that story and connect it to the judges and the audience.

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