DWTS Week 3 Day 1 Story Time: Tonight the ending:

DWTS Week 3 Day 1 Story Time: Tonight the ending: DWTS Week 3 Audrina and Tony are still the talk of the town and with 26 points or not they’re staying. Audrina is followed by her newly formed rival Jennifer Grey. Jennifer and Derek, Brandy and Maks, along with Rick and Cheryl are in a three way tie with 24 points. All should be safe on day 2 as long as the fans don’t punish Maks for his behavior. Wouldn’t that be a smack In the @..? Mike the Situation and Karina danced the fox trot in a time warp earning them “in a very weird way” 20 points.

Florence and Corky received an emotionally sweet 20 points, while Bristol and Marks less than stella act earned them 19 points. This may have put them in jeopardy for tonights elimination. Margaret and Louis who have been consistent in having fun have also been consistent in the scoring. Triple sixes again last night may have taken these Barry Manilow fans straight to the cabana for the rest of the competition.


Vegas prediction Week 3 DWTS show little hope for three contestants Cho, The Situation and Palin all are weak dancers that won’t make it far in this competition. The question is who has the most fans watching that will support these characters tonight. It appears from the Vegas spreads that Cho is the most likely to Samba away. Who will it be?

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