2010 Dancing with the UPDATED Betting Odds

2010 Dancing with the UPDATED Betting Odds - DWTS Week 4 Picks : Jennifer Grey produces a stella performance: The Argentine Tango took Derek and Jennifer and placed them on top in DWTS Week 4 Picks performance. Judges all agreed that the presentation was top knotch and Len said she had musicality. Scoring her and Derek in technicality three 9’s and the performance score of 10,9,10 total of 56 out of 60.

Warner was the typical football player lacking grace. Although this voting team keeps Kurt in the running, his performances are bulky and klutzy and just not smooth enough to make the grade. In all the judges left Warner with a technical 5,5,5=15 Performance 7,6,6 =19

It goes without saying that Maks and Brandy will make it through. All three judges found them to seem sensual and connected. Scoring Brandy and Maks a solid technical 22. Performance 26 leaving them with a score of 48 out of 60

Vegas predictions DWTS Rick Fox who will remain one of the crowd favorites, fell flat tonight. It appears that Carrie Ann claimed the performance to be “one dimensional” Len thought the lifts to be excellent but that they lost energy at the end” and Bruno stated “not as musical as it could have been.”       Their scores totaled a 30.

Scoring a total of 40 Massey’s performance was excellent. All judges agree that he lacks the experience of age and his fluentness wasn’t always there.  Bristol Palin yeah whatever, she scored a low 32 not a judges favorite tonight with her Rumba. Jennifer Grey 7/2 Dancing with the Odds still the favorite.

Florence and the Situation are once again are competing for last place. Florence worried Carrie Ann saying the she was a bit uncomfortable at times, Bruno pointed out their timing issues and Len just loves her. Totaling a score of the 35 which is till higher then the lowest score of the night

The Situations performance all the way through was a struggle. From the first moment he attempted a 360 toss with no fluency right up to the very end their performance fell flat. Bruno opened with how terrible the performance was, followed by Len and Carrie Ann in agreement scoring the Situation technical = 4,4,4=12 and performance of 6,5,5= 16 total of 28.

Audrina and Troy beautiful as always total score of 46

In the end DWTS Week 4 Picks fell neatly into Jennifer Grey’s lap. A force to be reckon with and a come back that the world wants to see evolve, Jennifer Grey is still America’s “ baby” and we still want to see her on top.  Stay tuned in here for tomorrows prediction on who will be voted out of DWTS Week 4 performance. Dancing with the Betting Odds listed below.

Audrina Patridge 8/1
Brandy 3/1
Bristol Palin 22/1
Florence Henderson 25/1
Jennifer Grey 7/2
Kyle Massey 25/1
Kurt Warner 12/1
Margaret Cho 20/1
Michael Bolton 10/1
Rick Fox 11/2

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