UFC 121 Results Full Card

UFC 121 Results Full Card - Vegas Insiders: UFC Preview for October 23, 2010: Diego Sanchez (+100) UFC Odds vs. Paulo Thiago (-130) UFC 121 Odds. The sports wagering sites are burning up in anticipation of the UFC welterweight matchup between Diego Sanchez and Paulo Thiago. Thiago only fights part-time as he still holds on to his full-time job as a Brazilian police officer, so his recent loss to Martin Kampmann means he will have a long climb back up the welterweight ladder to a title shot. Even the NFL betting experts in the world of pro football question whether or not Thiago can fight enough to get a title shot in 2011. UFC 121 Results listed at the bottom of the page.

Even with his part-time UFC status, Thiago is the favorite in this highly anticipated battle. Diego Sanchez has been part of UFC betting for a while and has built a respectable record of 10-4 in UFC Picks matches. Sanchez’s approach is primarily based on wrestling moves and submission holds. He has a knack of getting in the first move and bringing his opponent to the mat quickly. From there he has an array of submission moves that he has used successfully on several occasions.

Sanchez is the overall winner of the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. During the course of the show, his skills showed significant improvement and his ability to find his opponent’s weaknesses became adept. But Sanchez tends to be a one-dimensional fighter. If he cannot get his opponent to the mat then he can look lost. That is where he may have a problem against the multi-dimensional, and extremely athletic, Thiago.

The reason that the betting services have Thiago as the favorite is his advantage over Sanchez in strength and technique. Thiago prefers to be a toe-to-toe boxing type fighter that can trap his opponent against the ring wall and pummel him into submission. But Thiago’s martial arts training gives him a set of mat moves that will allow him to grapple on the floor with the best of them. Even if Sanchez gets Thiago to the mat, there is no guarantee that Sanchez can get Thiago to tap out.

Thiago’s 3-2 UFC Picks record puts him at a disadvantage in the UFC rankings. He only fights a few times a year, and he suffered two crushing defeats in 2010. Sanchez has the upper-hand in wrestling technique, and he will try to use that from the opening bell on Thiago. This may bring up another area where Thiago has an advantage over Sanchez; speed.

As proficient as Sanchez is at his wrestling moves, Thiago is a fierce and rapid hitter. If Thiago can catch Sanchez with one or two quick and powerful blows as Sanchez makes his approach, then Sanchez could be on the mat before the Northbet match is a minute old.

Sanchez does possess the ability to create a strategy that would be effective against Thiago. Look for Sanchez to shoot for the legs off the bell to get Thiago to the mat. Once Thiago is down, Sanchez may immediately go for the tap out. That would probably be Sanchez’s only successful strategy. If this match goes beyond the first couple of minutes, then the advantage swings significantly to the favor of Thiago. UFC 121 Predictions & Picks: Paulo Thiago

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Here are the UFC 121 results:

-Jake Shields def. Martin Kampmann via split decision.

-Diego Sanchez def. Paulo Thiago via unanimous decision.

-Matt Hamill def. Tito Ortiz via unanimous decision.

-Brendan Schaub def Gabriel Gonzaga via unanimous decision.

What do you think of the UFC 121 Results?

-Daniel Roberts def. Mike Guymon via submission in the 1st round.

-Court McGee def. Ryan Jensen via submission in the 3rd round.

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