Releases NEW Online Slot Machine Game Releases NEW Online Slot Machine Game: Lights out Las Vegas!  Watch out for and its new Witches and Wizards online slots release. has hit the jackpot with this new and innovative slot machine game.  This game is phenomenal with a 5 reel 25 payline in one single spin.  This slot machine game has demonstrated it has magical power that will take the internet by storm.

Spell casting madness, this game will have you spinning in your shoes. Payout is great and bonuses galore.   "Magic Experiment" bonus can add 10 free spins thats 250 more chances to win and thats not the only "Spell" bonus out there.  

The  " Enlargement spell" is masterfully exciting as the screen enlarges.  Your luck has just earned you double your winnings or better yet increase your winnings more with a second wild card. The bonuses are endless. 

Spellbound and mesmerizing this game is the magic we've been waiting for.  Don't beleive me?  Try it for free NOW at   Its got the sound its got the feel.  This game will unlock hidden treasures of the supernatural kind.

Witches and Wizards  "Black Magic is Back"

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