Online Gambling Coming to US Market?

poker-dogsOnline Gambling Coming to US Market? The bubble is about to burst on the US Gambling market as the DOJ's recent announcement has the online gambling industry and investors looking for opportunities to exploit the US gambling market. The DOJ in essence has opened the door for individual states to allow online gambling and federal law makers as a result will likely be looking to regulate Internet poker to start. It's been a long debate since the passage of the UIGEA whether Americans have the right to gamble from the comfort of their own homes and after politicians snuck in the UIGEA on the back-end of the port security bill after 911 the US government made it clear that Americans no longer have the right of choice when it comes to online gambling.

The announcement by the DOJ still makes betting on sports illegal in the US, which is another topic in itself, but as states suffer from budget shortfalls, politicians continue to take tax payers dollars and the need for more income for the greedy many states are now looking for revenue from online gambling and poker. Poker and state lotteries will likely be the first forms of online gambling entertainment to be regulated, but still many are opposed to gambling online.

One of the main opponents of online gambling are several Indian tribes, these tribes feel as though they will be unable to compete against large scale Vegas sites and other brick-and-mortar casinos and are afraid of the competition. While many large scale websites such as Facebook are already partnering with some of the largest providers of online gambling technologies to take advantage of revenue provided by online gambling in countries where it is already legal.

The United States is once again falling behind due to thier politicians need to decide what's right for Americans, rather than letting Americans decide for themselves. As news related to the US online gambling market unfolds, we will continue to provide you with the latest information related to poker online and other gambling news that becomes available.

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