Google's Anti Competitive Behavior Changes Sports Betting Research


With allegations of anti-competitive behavior, fines over $22.5 million and investigations by the FTC and EU, Google's so called focus on user experience has drastically reduced the usability and results of the search engine giant for sports betting research. Sports bettors often research current Vegas odds on many sporting events, these NFL odds, MLB odds or Olympics odds change rapidly, therefor the use of search engine news categories offer up-to-date sports betting odds for handicappers and novice sports bettors. Prior to Google's Panda update the resources on Google news provided and abundant resource for sports bettors. Now, these resources for Vegas odds and related sports betting information have been drastically limited by Google to just a few websites.

The common aspect of these sports betting websites now available on Google News is that they are controlled by large organizations. These include sports news brands like Bleacher Report, SB Nation and others operated by larger corporations like News Corporation, New York Times Corporation, CBS Corporation and Time Warner, Inc., to name a few. Essentially what Google has done in the name of user experience is eliminate small news publishers, which more often than not, delivered faster and more detailed sports betting information and were the essential factor in making Google News a popular research tool.

What is next for the small sports odds news publishers that treated unfairly by Google?

According to recent rumors, there is hope for the publishers discriminated against by Google who have continued to stay in business. The hope comes from Microsoft and its fair and usefull search engine Bing. Although in the past Microsoft faced similar issues that Google currently faces, it appears they have learned from their previous experiences. has maintained a fair playing ground for all sports news publishers making the best source for sports research. Now it appears that Apple may agree, rumors have been swirling that Apple will be adopting Bing as it's default search engine for hte iPhone 5.

Why will Apple actually make this happen and how will it help smaller sports betting news publishers?

Like everything else today it's all about the money. Currently, Apple and the Andriod platform are direct competitors, and the more Apple uses Google technology the more it has to pay the search engine giant. There is already evidence that the transformation is underway with Apple's current de-Googling of their devices. So far Apple has created its own mapping feature and is discontinuing the use of Youtube for video of Apple devices.

This use of Microsoft's search engine will expose millions of Apple users to Bing services including their news section which is fair and offers publishers big and small a non-competitive outlet for sports betting news and information.

Something to think about: Maybe at one point Google will have scrapped  and spidered enough webmastersdata, patented applications and created it's own socialsphere enough to do away with their search functions all together. I'm just saying...

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