Online Gambling Coming to a State Near You

online gamblingThe online gambling landscape is changing at a rapid pace and law makers are taking it to professional leagues like the NFL. The biggest opponent to online gambling, namely sports betting has been the NFL, but now, with politicians like Chris Christie and others the NFL is in for a fight. It's all about the money, always has been and always will be, but now it's individual states looking to cash in to make up for budget shortfalls and government overspending. The main mover in online gambling as of late is New Jersey and with PokerStars making bids on a landbased casino in Atlantic city it could signal a huge shift for the online poker enthusiast.

There are large players in the gambling industry that have remained protected offshore for years, but now, these players may have the opportunity they need to enter and dominate the US market. With a headstart on technology and marketing either two things will happen. Either internet based online gambling companies will acquire brick and mortar facilities to compliment their online presence or the other way around. The big question is which will it be.

We will be keeping our eyes on the online gambling industry and the changes that effect you. Check back with us soon to get the latest details and news related to which states make the biggest moves as the United States leans towards online gambling for revenue.

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