Yahoo Defeats Google in Search Traffic! What's Next, the Detroit Lions Win the Superbowl?

yahoo-surpasses-googleIn somewhat related sports news today, it was announced that Yahoo! surpassed Google in overall traffic for the month of July. It's the first time that Yahoo! has beat out the search giant since May of 2011. Yahoo! received 196.6 million unique visitors last month, compared to 192.3 million for Google. That's 4.3 million more than Google, the operator of the world's so-called most popular search engine.

Could it be that the efforts of new CEO Marissa Mayer are paying off? Or could it be an indicator that all of Google's recent changes are sending visitors looking for other options and webmasters pushing alternatives?

I'll give Marissa Mayer some credit, but I think it's the later of the two, in my opinion Google just sucks these days. Their push for bigger profits to please shareholders, while cloaking it all behind what they call "user experience" appears to have wavered for the month of July. Another change Google has recently made that it frowned on webmasters for was to keep advertisments below the fold. Have you executed a search for a popular term in Google lately? Give it a try and what you find out may be shocking.  Yes, Gggole has opted to keep advertisments and its own interests above the fold for some very popular searches.

I could go on and on about Google's hypocritical ways from a small publishers perspective, but I won't.

How this all relates to sports news, dare I mention them again... Yep!

Google is in talks with the NFL regarding the rights of the NFL's "Sunday Ticket", currently the contract is held by DirecTV, but that may all change. Seems Google wants to monopolize your TV as well and the NFL's Sunday NFL Ticket might be Google's ticket to start to do just that.

Bing on the other hand has announced today that it's going in the opposite direction, by providing schools with an ad-free search experience. Great job! Now all you have to do is win the popularity contest and your golden.

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