Vegas Odds and predictions have Roger Clements “the Rocket” in trouble.

Vegas Odds and predictions have Roger Clements “the Rocket” in trouble. Clemens is spiraling out of the Hall of Fame and Vegas odds and predictions reveal will most likely being indicted into the county jail.  The Rocket is being charged on six counts of perjury.  Roger Clements may see his hall a fame attributes taken away inside a jail cell. As for his career?   Although a difficult decision, Vegas predictions indicate MLB will be looking to rid the 7 time Cy Young award winner.  Voluntary admitting to steroid use from Clemens was a foolish and career destroying move on his  part. MLB will be squirming and looking to get rid of the “heat”.    Seeing that Clemens has been in the spotlight of this controversy along with his almost ejection from the MLB  2007odds season. Mlb predictions indicate we won’t be seeing him in the playoffs next year.  Vegas Predictions show him out of the league 4/1 

Honestly Roger, what are you thinking?    I went to your charity site  and you still have a letter posted to your fans from January of 2008 saying, and I quote, “people who make false accusations should not be allowed to define another person’s life.”  Should more extensive testing be done “yes i think whatever is necessary should be done for everyone involved to satisfy themselves that it’s not being done.”  Are you kidding me.  This is a charity site.  You have lied and cheated these people in so many ways.  And now Vegas odds and predictions agree you may see jail time.  You decide to come forward and say “yeah I done it” yet you don’t take the letter off your site.   What else have you done Mr. Clemens.  What else are you gonna do? See the staggering career choices for Clemens future on

So Yankees fans if Clemens is banned from the MLB odds season 2011, where will Clemens go next: an Analyst, Commentator, Pitching Coach, maybe a drug store owner.  Its hard to say, you’ll have to check out the latest Vegas Odds and Predictions to find out just where the “Rocket” will end up.

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