Bulls vs Cavaliers 2010 NBA Playoffs Picks & Vegas Odds Game 1

Bulls vs Cavaliers 2010 NBA Playoffs Picks & Vegas Odds Game 1- I think Cleveland will win the 2010 title. NBA point Spreads favor Cleveland in this Game 1 NBA Playoffs Picks matchup. Best team, best player, best season. Of course, we could have said that last year. But Jamison and Shaq give the Cavs a flexibility last season's team just didn't have. NBA Vegas Odds list Cleveland Cavaliers -11 favorites over Chicago Bulls in Game 1 NBA playoffs Picks matchup.

They can go small, big, medium ... doesn't matter. The only concern if you're picking nits: LeBron still gets a little overeager during big moments, like how his bizarre pull-up 3-pointer derailed what would have been an incredible comeback in Boston on Easter Sunday. NBA Playoffs Odds total Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers set at 193 points.

LeBron isn't there yet. I still think he can be had in a tight game by the right team -- like how Boston exposed Kobe in the 2008 Finals -- but he gets credit for being a vicious closer with a lead (nobody's better up five with two minutes to go). NBA Picks Bet on Cleveland Cavaliers against the NBA playoffs Vegas Odds in Game 1.

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