NFL Super Bowl Predictions: Jacksonville Jaguars Odds of Existence

Vegas Odds, NFL Predictions, NFL PicksNFL Super Bowl Predictions - Jacksonville Jaguars Odds of Existence: Reading the Florida newspapers sports sections, you will find articles about the Dolphins and the Buccaneers. Their pre-season workouts, player profiles and Super Bowl predictions. Any recent story on the Jaguar's sounds like the Presidents final speech from the film, Independence Day. " Today we fight for our right to exist"

After Roger Goodell's flimsy show of support on Monday. The next day's press had the Mayor of Jacksonville, John Peyton, virtually begging fans to buy season tickets.

Flash forward to Jacksonville's home opener in NFL week 1, September 12th. The Homecoming of Tim Tebow. One small set back for the Jag's. Tim,( proud owner of the NFL's #1 selling jersey) will be playing for the visiting Denver Broncos. Many locals thought, by drafting T.T., with the #10 first round pick, he (Tebow) could single-handedly save the franchise. Luckily for Tim, he won't be like Sam Bradford, St. Louis's  sacrificial Ram. Instead Tebow will gladly settle for a fourth quarter, garbage time, jump pass or plunge into the Jaguar's endzone, The first nail in Jacksonville's NFL coffin.

18 to 1 NFL odds for your NFL predictions to win the AFC South? 1,000 to 1 to win the Super Bowl? I think a safer bet would be on how soon the Jaguar's hop on that midnight train to La La Land. Don't assume that Indianapolis is once, again going to run away in that division. I expect a three-way fight for the Super Bowl predictions title this year. There's a couple of guys with the last name Johnson, that are sure to make Peyton Manning's path quite more difficult this year. The Jag's are safe in the cellar.

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