NFL 2011 Super Bowl Predictions

NFL 2011 Super Bowl Predictions: The past two Super Bowls have had some memorable betting events. Two teams made it to the big Super Bowl predictions matchup that were there for their first time, or hadn't been there for decades. If you bet on the Arizona Cardinals to make it to the Super Bowl in 2009, you probably, made some dough.The odds-makers were a little closer on 2010's New Orleans Saints. Arizona put up a good fight, losing to Pittsburg, while New Orleans took pretty good care of Indianapolis. Both Pittsburg and Indianapolis were among the favorites to get there.2011 Super Bowl Predictions

Bettor's are always studying statistics, trends, and past performances to try to gather clues and predict Super Bowl predictions winners. The goal of most gambler's is to win and make money, bottom line.

Here are a few statistics that may help you with your 2011 Super Bowl Predictions.

The past 10 Super Bowls:

  • The AFC has won 7
  • There have been 7 different quarterbacks and 7 different teams that won.
  • 13 of the 32 NFL teams, (41 percent) made it to the Super Bowl

After reviewing the current Super Bowl Prediction for 2011 I have recognized.

  • The Colts, Steelers, and Patriots seem to be consistently among the odds-makers top picks. This year, I only like one of those teams.
  • The Colts are currently 8.5 to 1 favorites to win the Super Bowl in 2011. Baltimore, Tennessee, N.Y.Jets, Cincinnati, Miami, and Houston will definitely put up resistance.
  • If the Viking's don't get a healthy Brett Favre, their odds will decrease. I'd personally like to see Brett sit out the first few games, then go to work.
  • Cowboys, Packers, Jets and Bengals seem to be pretty good 2011 Super Bowl predictions.                                                                                                              

That is some of the information I'm going to use when I bet my Super Bowl picks. If I bet $1000 dollars, ($100 on ten different teams) and win. The least I could currently get back is $850, and the most is $3000. I may double up on a couple teams depending on hold-outs, signings, and injuries. good luck!

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