2010 Emmy Award Predictions & Vegas Betting Odds “And the Nominees are.”

2010 Emmy Award Predictions & Vegas Betting Odds  “And the Nominees are.” -  For outstanding lead actor in comedy series:  Jim Parsons/ Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk from Universal Cable Productions Monk, Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy from NBC’s 30 Rock. Other players but, not contenders are Larry David as himself in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mathew Morrison as Will Schuester from best comedy series nominee Glee, and Steve Carrell (Michael Scott) from The Office .  .

Each actor has viable strength and each is in his own category.2010 Emmy Award Odds, Emmy PIcks, Emmy Predictions, Vegas Odds, Vegas Lines

Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory) This guy is out of this world hilarious.  He is the comedian with the best delivery.  The writers have him working the audience with methodical plots, an obsessive compulsive disorder, and a “down right” rude humor which surely makes us all realize there’s a bit of Sheldon in everyone.  Odds of Sheldon winning the Emmy ‘s 2/1

Fighting for lead position is none other than the good old Alec Baldwin.  It appears that today’s comedians have to be pompous and completely arrogant. Donaghy takes that personality right to the bank.  His stereotypical out crops and his ease in doing them has everyone laughing at the possibilities.  This comedy show and its writers fit Baldwin to a tee leaving him  3/1 odds of being the Award winner.

Tony Shalhoub better known as Monk has all of us relating to our daily rituals and the things we obsess over.  The shows comic relief and his obsessive disorder has people filling the room with moments of laughter which  keeps the crime show in check, but in the end I don’t believe he can win over Jim Parsons(Big Bang Theory)

Office star Steve Carrell is funny, but lacks the ability to keep the audience engaged.  It appears that people want modern comedy to relate to their feelings .  In the office we all know somebody who acts like Michael Scott.  None of us ever want to talk to him/her and that leaves us with the same feeling when it comes to nominating him.  Not so warm and fuzzy inside.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry David, what a great guy and his show has held its own for more than 10 years with highs and lows.  The truth is, he has captured the audience’s attention but not enough to capture the lead.

Mathew Morrison (Glee)  I don’t even understand why he’s a nominee.  His co-star Jane Lynch had a better shot at this award. Although the show has got a strong chance of taking Best Comedy Series. I don’t believe that we’ll see Will Schuester taking the stage for outstanding lead actor in comedy series.

So there you have it folks. The best of the best all under one roof.  Is there room for Baldwin and everyone else?  Can Parsons take home the golden Emmy with his outstanding deliveries?  Is Monk a contender?  2010 Emmy Award Predictions & Vegas Betting Odds could show you the way  “And the nominees are.”  …

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