Vegas Odds on Baltimore Ravens - 2012 AFC Championship Predictions

Baltimore-Ravens-No2Vegas Odds on Baltimore Ravens - 2012 AFC Championship Predictions: Should I powder coat it or just get to the point? Well, for the sake of informing the sports betting public I'll start by saying the Baltimore Ravens have been posted by Vegas odds makers as the underdog for this 2012 AFC predictions matchup. The Ravens are without a doubt a tough team to beat, exactly why they are here in the 2012 AFC Championship game, but the defense is not usually the leader in scoring points.

Yes, Flacco has got the Baltimore Ravens here but he lacks the ability to perform under pressure and the pressure of this 2012 AFC predictions contest will put Flacco to the test. After last week against Texas, Flacco was limited to just 176 passing yards and the improving New England defense could put an even bigger damper on his efforts in the air. The only way the Ravens could pull out a win in this NFL predictions contest is to completely stop Brady, a task that is highly improbable.

If your a die hard Baltimore fan you do have a good opportunity to possibly cash in on your favorite team, the NFL odds makers at Bodog have thier Vegas line set giving the Ravens +9(-125) points in this contest. So the question for those who plan to bet the Ravens is can they prevent the Patriots from covering the spread.

Vegas Odds for your 2012 AFC Predictions: Baltimore Ravens +9(-125) vs New England Patriots -7(-115)

Kick Off time for the AFC Championship: Gillette Stadium, Foxboro - Sunday, January 22nd - 3:00pm EST

Sportsbook with BEST ODDS to bet the Ravens: +Bodog

Sportsbook with the BEST ODDS to bet the Patriots: +JustBet

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