Peyton Manning retirement drawing attention - Vegas Odds on Manning Retirment

Indy-Colts-ManningPeyton Manning retirement drawing attention - Vegas Odds on Manning Retirment: Let the NFL rumors fly! Did Rob Lowe single handedly attempt to distract the Eli Manning? The twitter frenzy if off the hook today as many speculate whether the Peyton manning will retire. According to reports and an interview on Ellen yesterday, Rob Lowe has inside information that may indicate Peyton Manning is going to retire. Manning was up in the box this season as the Indianapolis Colts had a dismal season with their franchide QB. Manning uderwent kneck surgery and due to complications was not able to play.

Now rumors are swirling on whether Manning will actually retire and Vegas odds makers have already adjusted the Indianapolis Colts 2013 future odds on whether the Colts will make the Super Bowl next year. According to the current future odds on the Colts, the Vegas line shows Indy with +4000 odds to win Super Bowl 47.

I mean c'mon, Rob Lowe is not a vlid source of sports news and NFL sources have yet to confirm whether the NFL rumor is true. One thing is for sure though, this NFL rumor has surely tacken the spotlight off brother Eli Manning once again. It must be difficult for the younger brother to have to constantly be in the shadow of older brother Peyton Manning.

Honestly, I prefer to keep my focus on making the right NFL predictions for the Giants vs 49ers NFC Championship. Currently NFL odds makers have Eli Manning posted as a +3(-135) point spread underdog.

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