Tim Tebow Released - New York Jets Super Bowl Odds

tim-tebow-released-by-jetsFrom holy roller to Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow was officially released on Monday from the New York Jets. Will the likelihood of the Jets winning the Superbowl increase now that they can focus on football and not the extra curricular elements Tim Tebow brings to the huddle?  I've never been a fan of Tim Tebow and went completely mad when Tebow and his mother were rumored to air an anti-abortion add during the Superbowl, since then, it seems everything has gone downhill for the extremely talented QB.

With the release of Tebow, we will surely see if it was his antics or head coach Rex Ryans that have been the teams real issue.

According to the current Vegas odds to win the Super Bowl the New York Jets are listed with 75/1 odds as of today, however just prior to Tebows release the betting odds were listed at 80/1.

Where will Tim Tebow go? The Patriots, among many other teams including the Jaguars and Bears have been rumored to possibly be considering Tebow, but I seriously doubt that the circus that follows Tebow will bring any value to either team. We will be watching for the next move of the quarterback nobody seems to want.

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