POWERBALL, MEGA MILLIONS LOTTERY RESULTS: TODAY’S WINNING NUMBERS: Powerball has seen the market of gamblers for the past twenty years and has cashed in ka-trillions of dollars in profit while there lottery results jackpot has only equaled a handful of winners. Not a lot when you consider the odds. Mega Millions has seen just about as many years as Powerball with even lesser chances to win.In the land of Mega Millions 9/24/2010 Lottery Results Jackpot winners 0. This moves Mega Millions next jackpot drawing up to $23,000,000 million. Saturday’s 9/25/2010 Powerball Lottery Results concluded with 0 jackpot winner. The current Powerball Jackpot is at $35,000,000. We suggest you try your luck with better Vegas odds at Bodog.com. Casino gambling is making head way on the internet. You can now challenge the machines in the comfort of your home. Casino gambling is a more interactive, longer lasting and a far better bang for your buck. Give it a try for free Bodog.com.

Internet Casino's have changed over time and the internet is proving to be a well recognized powerhouse at the tips of our fingers. No longer do we have to leave home or wait in those long lines for that big payout that never comes.  Why waist the money on a game with lottery results only showing up on Wednesday and Saturday or Tuesdays and Fridays, when you can play whenever you’d like and the Lottery results will be far more in your favor.   Powerball and Mega Millions have taken your money long enough with little to no return on investment.   It’s time to get better lottery results with just a click of the mouse. Your Vegas games await with more payouts, better odds and whole lot more fun 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Play now, better odds, fast return, win big at Bodog.com.

Mega-Millions Lottery Results: 02  28  38  42  55 Megaball: 25  Megaplier: 04

Powerball Lottery Results: 08  16  27  35  42 Powerball: 30  Powerplay: 02

Are these Lottery results in your favor? Do you know where your Vegas odds lie? Read on to better your chances.

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