NFL Major Opponent in Legalizing Sports Betting Online

sportsbookResidents of New Jersey support sports betting, but hold on, not so fast. The NFL is making claims that the legalization of sports betting will compromise the integrity of NFL football, stating that betting on football will corrupt officials and lead to players swaying the result of the NFL picks contests. These statements by NFL officials are coming in the light of New Jersey's Governor Christie's attempt to legalize sports betting. Like many others, I just don't buy the hypocrisy of the law suit that the NFL officials have recently filed to block the attempts of legalized online sports betting in New Jersey.

Why is it OK for Las Vegas to allow sports betting and not New Jersey or any other state?

The topic of sports betting for some reason is taboo to politicians and many other groups, but the need for income will ultimately win out in our opinion. Despite the NFL's claim that sports betting will taint the sport, why is it that the NFL has secretly catered to sports bettors for years by providing injury reports and other stats that are designed to entice NFL fans to make NFL picks. Is the US government convinced that the revenue generated by fines imposed on gambling operations are higher than what could be earned in the taxation of the hobby loved by millions of Americans?

The whole controversy about whether sports betting should be legal or not just does'nt make sense. But the fact that there needs to be laws to demand that US citizens need to wear their seatbelts or to tell them that they must have health insurance is beyond my comprehension. Wake up America, your adults you should be able to make your own decisions. Standup and contact your local politicians and say something!! Otherwise your exisitence will be outlined by organizations like the NFL, government and insurance companies. Oh wait, that's already the case.

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Stu Jordan

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