NHL: Sid out for All-Star game

Still recovering from a concussion suffered either during the Winter Classic or the next game against the Tampa Bay Lightning in early January, Pittsburgh Penguins center Sidney Crosby will miss the 2011 All-Star game played I Raleigh, North Carolina this weekend.

Crosby had been leading the league in goals and points when he was shelved with the injury but has slipped in the overall points standing since his time on the inactive list. The National Hockey League’s most recognized player as the “face” of the NHL, Crosby will be missed but the Penguins are holding him out due to headaches and symptoms related to concussions. The injury has been labeled a “minor concussion” but, at times, the headaches had gotten so bad that Crosby couldn’t even drive or watch TV. He has not practiced or worked-out in at least three weeks.

Also missing will be Crosby’s teammate, center-winger Evegeni Malkin, out with a sinus infection, according to the Penguins. Malkin and Crosby were two of four Pens voted by the fans to start the All-Star game. The others, goalie Marc-Andre Fleury and defenseman Kris Letang, are in North Carolina and will play.

Crosby’s absence leaves the spotlight open for Washington Capitals winger Alex Ovchekin and center Steven Stamkos of the Tampa Bay Lightning but some have contended the game will be diminished without Sid the Kid.

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