Best Value Websites to Bet on the Kentucky Derby

Bet on the 2014 Kentucky DerbyAh, today will be a wonderful day to bet on the Kentucky Derby, a few cocktails and betting the horses from the comfort of my backyard. You have to love the internet and mobile devices, simply because they can bring just about any sporting event right to the palm of your hand. It was'nt to long ago when you had to travel miles to bet on horses, but now, just fire-up your chosen device and BAM! your playing the ponies.

What's that you say... It's illegal to bet on horses in the USA, I'll never get my money if I win and at a minimum it'll take forever to get it. Oh you are so wrong, let me be the first to tell you that to bet on horses is 100% legal for US residents and getting your payout will likely be faster than your bank cares to clear your recent deposit.

Where can I bet on the Kentucky Derby, you ask?

There are several websites that will be happy to take your Kentucky Derby predictions. The question you should be asking is, which site will pay me when I win?

Four websites immediately come to mind and they are extremely reputable, one in fact boasts it's never missed a payout. is the home of Churchill Downs and you can easily bet on the Kentucky Derby as well as enter into several contents sure to make the day exciting. is currently promoting their $1,000,000 pick six Derby Day contest. is a popular place to bet on horses especially if you subscribe to their daily streaming video coverage of tracks around the world. With Derby Day upon us you can score a FREE $100 when you deposit $200 into your new account. is another well established website to bet on horses, if you hurry, you just might make it and enter yourself to win the $5,000,000 in cash and prizes  they have available for the 2014 Kentucky Derby. is by far the best value website to bet on horses, has never missed a payout and offers top of the line customer service. Get a FREE $250 when you open your account to bet on the 2014 Kentucky Derby at



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