NFL Predictions: 2010 Vegas Odds & Vegas Lines to win the AFC Division

NFL Predictions, Vegas Lines, Vegas Odds, Houston TexansNFL Predictions - 2010 Vegas Odds & Vegas Lines to win the AFC Division: It's a long road to the AFC divisional championship but as we get set to kickoff the 2010 NFL predictions schedule many are wondering what the current Vegas odds and Vegas lines are for the AFC division. Looking at the live Vegas lines for the AFC the Indianapolis Colts are the current favorite to win the AFC title with 9/2 NFL odds. While the Patriots, Chargers, Jets and Texans are some of the favorites expected to be in many bettors NFL predictions.

Surprisingly, the Houston Texans are listed with 15/1 NFL odds to take the division and with this years roster there is more talent on the Texans than in any years past. Taking a shot with your NFL predictions on the Houston Texans may be the way to go, except the Texans have been in the same position for four years previous to the 2010 NFL predictions schedule. Will this be the breakout year the Texans have been working towards? You can bet the Texans and get their full Vegas lines from the NFL odds makers at

While the Patriots 15/2 Vegas lines show they are a force in the AFC it could be a year of disappointment for the Patriots as they continue to struggle to return to glory. Things have not been right since the loss of Brady to a knee injury. Let's hope that Brady is back and 100% to kickoff the 2010 NFL predictions season.

The Chargers Vegas odds currently show them posted with 11/2 NFL odds and this will surely be another preseason of Chargers hype that will fall short in the AFC.  The Chargers lack defensive strength this year and will need their offense to dominate.

Here are the full list of Vegas lines and Vegas odds to win the AFC.

Baltimore Ravens 
Buffalo Bills 
Cincinnati Bengals 
Cleveland Browns 
Denver Broncos 
Houston Texans 
Indianapolis Colts 
Jacksonville Jaguars 
Kansas City Chiefs 
Miami Dolphins 
New England Patriots 
New York Jets 
Oakland Raiders 
Pittsburgh Steelers 
San Diego Chargers 
Tennessee Titans 

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