2012 US Presidential Election - Vegas Odds to be Next President

ron-paul-revolution2012 US Presidential Election - Vegas Odds to be Next President: The 2012 Presidential odds race continues to heat up and Herman Cain remains in the spotlight as he decides whether the negative press he has received do to his previous sexual lifestyle has effected his campaign. Vegas odds makers currently show cain listed as a 40/1 longshot to win the election in 2012. Despite the current state of America many citizens should be shocked that Barack Obama is currently the odds favorite with 5/6 Vegas presidential odds, closely followed by Mitt Romney who Vegas odds makers have posted at 9/4.

The former republican front runner Rick Perry has seen drastic changes to his Vegas odds for president, after his blunder regarding the Department of Energy in a previous presidential debate, Perry attempted to recover but all-in-all his idiotic moments have killed his bid as the republican parties respresentaive. The effect of these "oops" moments are blazingly evident by his current Vegas presidential  odds showing Rick Perry as a 40/1 longshot to win the presidential race and 25/1 republican nominee odds, just ahead of Michele Bachman to win the republican party nominee position.

If you live in rural America one particular candidate may stand out, however the media fails to give the man any play in the mainstream, this 2012 republican and presidential candidate would be Ron Paul. According to the Vegas presidential odds makers, Ron Paul is currently listed with 14/1 odds to win the republican party nomination, while odds makers list Ron Paul with 25/1 odds to win the 2012 presidential election.

All in all American's dont have much of a choice, as has been the case in previous elections, once again it basically boils down to picking the lessor of which evil.

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