2012 Presidential Elections - Vegas Odds Makers Favor Democrats

Barrack Obama in Chair - Vegas Odds Say another four yearsThe conclusion of the 2012 Republican National Convention had many tweeting about the empty chair Clint Eastwood focused on, even more so, President Obama's rebuttal of a photo saying "this chair is taken" has received over 51,000 re-tweets. For Republicans, can they overcome the Vegas odds makers predictions on the 2012 Presidential Election? According to Las Vegas odds makers, the 2012 Presidential elections will have the Democrats leading the country for yet another term. The current 2012 Presidential betting odds are in favor of a President Obama reelection.

The Democratic National Conference will kick-off tonight at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte North Carolina, the September 4th speakers will include a firefighter from Cincinnati, Ohio, the 39th President Jimmy Carter,  Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee and will be concluded with a speech from the First Lady Michelle Obama.

On September 5th viewers will be treated to a speech from the former 42nd President of the United States Bill Clinton. Then the 2012 Democratic National Convention schedule will conclude on September 6th and will highlite speakers such as Vice-President Joe Biden, the author and daughter of President Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, Costco's co-founder Jim Sinegal and president Barrack Obama.

Opinion: Myself personally I am looking forward to President Clinton's speech, but i am disgusted at the state of our country and the political bull that we call the democratic process. When will we wake up from this?

Are the doomsday preppers of today a step ahead of the curve? What is the real reason that our Department of Homeland Security purchased over a BILLION rounds of ammunition over the past six months? What is it, that less fortunate people feel they are entitled to the money that the wealthy earn? Why is it, that when my grand-parents immigrated to this country they received nothing other than the benefit of freedom itself and were greatful for it?

With so many question, the answers I recieve coming from resources and media outlets I should trust, but dont, because I remember how they silenced Mr. Ron Paul throughout the Republican nomination process which made me ill. Then to make matters worst, Google is in the process of selecting which version of the truth is best for you when you use the search engine. I'll say this in response to my own questions, lies eventually catchup to everyone, the media, government and truth spinners are not immune. I guess we will see where it all goes.

Back to the subject of the article, the 2012 Presidential betting odds. The current vegas odds list President Barrack Obama as the -190 moneyline favorite versus Mitt Romney who is the 2012 Presidential Election underdog with +155 odds to win.


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