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It's been a long time and the day has finally arrived, Donald Trump takes on Hillary Clinton in the first Presidential debate of the 2016 election. Las Vegas betting on this historical debate is in a frenzy, from 2016 debate props like; What will Clinton wear? to How many times will Trump mention he is going to build a wall? Bettors, politicians, and civilians worldwide will be tuning into this debate like no other in history.

According to current polls, the race for the 2016 election is in a virtual dead heat, but Las Vegas odds makers see it another way and currently favor Hillary Clinton as the likely winner of the 2016 Presidential race at -215, while the republican nominee is listed as the underdog with +175 betting odds.

Each of the candidates has a very well recognized history, Trump with his well known bombastic, tell it like it is personality and Hillary with her trails of lies and deceit. Once again, the American people have been reduced to one decision and that is... Which of the lesser of two evils will you choose to lead the country?

Ultimately that question is on the majority of peoples minds, but Vegas odds makers have sweetened the pot with several 2016 Debate prop wagers. Here are just a few Debate bets available at several online sportbooks.


Popular 2016 Debate Prop Bets and Betting Odds

Which event will have a higher Nielsen rating?  Monday Night Football +1000  Presidential Debate -2500
Will Donald Trump call Hillary Clinton a liar? Yes -300 No +200
Will Donald Trump mention Bill Clinton? Yes -190 No +145
Will Hillary Clinton mention Melania Trump? Yes +200 No -300
Will Hillary Clinton say “bigot" or "bigotry”? Yes -230 No +160
Will Hillary Clinton say “deplorable”? Yes +170 No -250
Will Trump say "Crooked Hillary"? Yes -350 No +225
Will Trump say “build the wall” or “build a wall”? Yes -350 No +225
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For more 2016 Debate props and additional betting odds on the 2016 US Presidential election, visit our more in-depth Presidential and prop betting odds page or visit any of the following online sportsbooks.





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