The Final Trump Clinton Debate 2016 Odds, Predictions & Opinion: Will Wikileaks Effect the Outcome?

Trump Clinton Debate 2016The final Trump Clinton Debate of the 2016 Presidential race is on the minds of American voters, this time though, there will be no interference from Thursday or Sunday Night NFL Football, which is yet another debatable part of the DNC's corrupt plan to strongarm the American election process.

According to the current Trump Clinton 2016 debate odds, Las Vegas odds makers list Hillary Clinton to win the Presidential election as a huge betting favorite with -625 odds at Sports Interaction, MyBookie shows 2016 Clinton odds to win the presidency at -600, while the popular online sportsbook Bovada shows Clinton at -500. While Hillary is the betting odds favorite to win this 2016 Presidential election, Trump supporters are saying the American public should expect a similar outcome to the recent Brexit vote. In that case political odds makers were dead wrong and the people changed the direction of the country.


Will the US Presidential election have a similar outcome to the Brexit vote?


While Clinton is the current Las Vegas odds favorite to win the election, Las Vegas odds makers all have underdog odds for the republican nominee Donald Trump, Bovada and SIA list Trump's odds at +350, while upcoming sportsbook MyBookie shows Trump as a +400 betting odds underdog.

The traditional media has played a huge roll in this election, struggling to stay current, old school media outlets have demonstrated their bias, not by obvious selection of the democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but by focusing on news and information that favors her. An example of this is WikiLeaks, after releasing thousands of emails which potentially connect Clinton to several corrupt practices, the mainstream media continues to suppress these stories while bolstering negative Trump news.

Will WikiLeaks Effect the Outcome on Nov 8th?


Here are just a few Trump Clinton Debate props for the final 2016 debate.

Will Trump use the phrase 'Totally Dishonest'

  • Yes   +224
  • No   -331

Will Trump use the phrase 'Locker Room Talk'

  • Yes   +137
  • No   -188

Will Clinton and Trump shake hands before debate?

  • Yes   -109
  • No   -128


3rd Election Debate - Trump Tantrum

  • Storms off stage before debate ends   +1000
  • Refuses to shake hands after debate   +496
  • Tells Clinton to 'Shut Up'   +351
  • Tells Chris Wallace to 'Shut Up'   +451
  • Drops 'F-bomb' during debate   +800


What color tie will Trump wear?

  • Red   -303
  • Blue   +349
  • Yellow/Gold   +400
  • White   +1200
  • Stars & Stripes   +1200
  • No Draw   +1200
  • Black   +1600
  • Green   +2000
  • Orange +2000

Predominant color of Hilary Clinton's outfit.
If she wears a jacket then the color of the jacket will be deemed the predominant color

  • Blue   -167
  • Red   +350
  • Turquoise   +500
  • White   +598
  • Yellow/Gold   +800
  • Black   +800
  • Pink   +800
  • Orange   +1200
  • Green   +1400


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